"I have had 3R Builders do several
projects for me. They are very
professional, honest, and FAST! I
am always blown away by the
quality of work! And I like knowing
that they care for the environment
the same way I do. I don't have
to worry about damaging the Earth
when I decide to remodel."

- Maggie,  Houston, TX
Our Vision
3R Builders' craftsmanship has been seen in Shelter Magazine.
Our vision is to provide quality
craftsmanship & products from recycled,
sustainable materials.
with a Conscience

We Reuse what has been neglected
or discarded and give new uses to lack
luster spaces. We
Renew these
materials and spaces by inventing a
new use for them or restoring them to
their original beauty.  We
Revive the
world around us with beautiful products
and spaces for people to enjoy for
years to come.
"My bat house is truly beautiful! It is well
constructed and the stain is a perfect match
for my house. It is better than I imagined. I
am actually looking forward to sitting out side
this summer and not hiding from the bugs!"
No muddy boot prints or construction saw dust
like I have experienced with prior companies."

-Susan, San Antonio, TX
I know a lot of craftsmen but none as creative
as Isaiah, he is constantly improving and
coming up with the most cleaver ideas to
improve my home. I refer him to all my friends
and am very confidant that they will be as
blessed with his work as I am.

-Thelma, San Antonio, TX